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Hi there, this is iCustom! Our home counter where gifts are placed have become more and more crowded, but, can you recall the receiving memory the gift in 2 seconds if randomly pick up a gift and show you at any moment?

- iCustom's Story -

The founder John Davy starts his photography career since 2006, from commercial photographer, wedding photographer to portrait photographer till 2012, over the years experience, he has discovered the essence of people wanting to stay in the photo was that PHOTOS ARE THE BEST CARRIER FOR STORING MEMORIES. He realized what digital photos and paper photos can't do. By chatting with his best friend Mike who is running a crystal product factory, and came up with his idea of replacing the carrier for the photography. They started to Do Surprise! So there are these gifts that you see now. Like necklaces, rings, shade boxes, eternal flower gift boxes...

iCustom exists because of these Families that members enjoying, Parents of lovely baby, Sons /daughters who love &appreciates their parents, The lovers from young to old who truly cherish each-other, and the contented you who has true friend in heart to celebrate..., they are always looking for piece of symbol with timeless meaning that can help them to express love and bring enternal surprises to their important people.

iCustom is enthusiastically trying to make their desires into touchable & visual items that represents specific moment of story, that gets memories deeper, stronger as time goes by.


- Turn Your Moment Into Reality -

iCustom team has an unified Value, that is - It's worthy to make customers's One-Of-One-Kind memory to be perfect, no matter how long time it is.

iCustom is not only a business that stand at the forefront of photo customized products industry, pay attention to the user emotions, skilled using advanced digital technology, but also as your forever friend here that always taking strictly selected material to help you realize your gifting ideas. 


- iCustom's Mission -

Turn your vision into reality. And make every piece being treasured from the moment received.



iCustom welcomes your ideas about custom gifts, if you have ideas from life story that could be realized to be gifts, welcome to contact us. We will have big bonus to share with you.

Email: [email protected]

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